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Hissi Juna Bridgnorth Cliff Railway

 Hissi Juna Bridgnorth Cliff Railway
Vielä toinen maalaus samasta ihmeestä, tämä on ainut hissijuna missä olen matkustanut, köysirata vaunut on eri asia.

The track is 201 feet long, with a rise of 111 feet and consists of a double run of track - one for each car. Concrete steps run between the 2 tracks. The tracks are standard bull head rails, of about 1972 vintage. The gauge is 3 ft 6 ins. The original sleepers were timber and were the full width of both tracks. Over the years they have rotted away and were replaced with a multitude of secondary fixings - this allowed the rails moving slightly out of line, and resulted in a less than smooth ride. In order to rectify this problem new steel sleepers surrounded with concrete have been inserted under the existing rails, using standard spring clips as used on main line railways. The Railway remained open during this work, and it took some 18 months to complete.Track rollers supporting the ropes appear to be the original design. The roller is solid steel, supported each end by a ball bearing plummer-block. Replacements are being used when necessary, utilising sealed roller bearings.

Bridgnorth, in reality, is two towns: the High Town (good views down) and the Low Town (good views up). Now connected by the steepest inland funicular railway in Britain.The Low Town was once a thriving port along the banks of the River Severn, while the High Town held the castle, the churches, and many fine 16th and 17th century mansions. Charles I, lost his head here completely, declaring the view to be - "the finest in all my kingdom."

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